COXCOMBS - "Coxcombs" LP

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Artist: Coxcombs
Album: Coxcombs
Label: Future City Devils Island
Format: LP (gatefold) 12"
No.: FCDI 1
Release: October 24, 2013

Appearing on this album:

Tex Kerschen - (Indian Jewelry, Pleasure 2, Gaza Boots)
Erika Thrasher - (Indian Jewelry, Swarm of Angels, Persuasion)
Brandon Davis - (Indian Jewelry, Terrible Eagle, Electric Set)
Tyler Morris - (Balaclavas, Subsonic Voices, Hooked Rugs)

Written and recorded in Houston, Texas and Queens, New York, 2009-2012

Coxcombs is one of the working names of Texas rock contrarians Indian Jewelry. Like IJ, Coxcombs embraces the idea of freedom from genre. Unlike IJ, Coxcombs works with more switchblades than jewels.

While at other times the band plays sets of free-glam and power electronics, this album, their debut, features a set of quick, evil, rock songs the band has been working on since 2009.

The music is varied, drawing on flattened funk rhythms and endlessly buzzing guitar riffs. Inspired by coxcombs such as Baudelaire and Huysmans, the songs address neurological tunneling, psychological collapse, vanity, and the shadow of death.

“But fuuuuuuuck was it refreshing when Coxcombs started playing. You may know them by their former name of “Indian Jewelry,” or as I like to call them, “the most blistering Kraut-inspired shimmering, pulsating peal of noise and energy that has emanated from a small group of people in my lifetime.” Gone were the 3 minor chord rock jangles and songs about girls. Hello, the deepest recess of my mind, which became all brainstem, as I literally started shaking with a St. Vitus’ Dance fervor, my eyes rolling back into my head, my arms flailing at my sides, and my 5th chakra (or perhaps a genetic parasite lodged in all human DNA but long thought to be dormant) started to leap up and down inside my chest, as though my intellect had stashes away a mistress in my heart and was fucking her. Coxcombs is the Barry White of lizard brain chakra fucking.” Dan Collins, LA Record

“Coxcombs: We're not certain exactly who's involved in this doomy project, but there's at least one member of Indian Jewelry here. "Below Us," which they term "deadfunk" on their Soundcloud page, seems eerily reminiscent of Balaclavas rhythms and Fiskadoro.”

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